About HOX

Founded in 2013, HOX Therapeutics (HOX) is an early-stage cancer research company that is developing innovative, first-in-class and highly targeted novel treatments for prostate cancer, with an initial focus on metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

Its scientific approach is based on two different mechanisms:

  • decrease the over-expression and unique role of developmental Hox genes in tumour biology and pathogenesis
  • Antagonise the binding of androgens to the androgen receptor

The company was started at the University of Surrey, drawing on the work of its co-founders, Professor Hardev Pandha, an eminent medical oncologist specialising in prostate cancer and, Professor Richard Morgan, a molecular biologist using their expertise of Hox gene over-expression. The company is also exploring a series of small molecules targeting the androgen receptor.

Prostate cancer

As the burden of cancer continues to rise globally there is an urgent need for effective therapeutics for hard-to-target cancers associated with particularly poor outcomes.

HOX’ highly targeted novel treatments, HTL-001 and HTL-003, have potential applicability across many cancer types, offering novel modalities to develop therapeutics.

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